Let's grow your brand!

It is our mission to take your brand to the next level, seeing retailers purchase your products and ultimately putting them in the hands of consumers. A partnership with us gives you access to stores and frees up your time to focus on other areas of your business.

Our Retail Brokerage and Marketplace

Upon submitting the order form below, the Brand and EMMA & TOM agree to the terms and conditions as set out in:

Step 1. Our B2B Retail Brokerage and

Step 2. Our B2B Retail Marketplace.

Step 1. Our B2B Retail Brokerage

Please see below how EMMA & TOM can help your brand reach more retailers and access a wider market.

1.1. EMMA & TOM has a network of UK based Retailers (“Retail Partner”). Our Retail Partners are active in Restaurants & Bars, Entertainment, Personal Care and Corner Shops.

1.2. UK Drinks Brand ("Brand") tells EMMA & TOM which retail introductions the Brand prefers by submitting the order forms below.

1.3. The Brand can choose from Restaurant & Bars, Entertainment, Corner Shop, and/or Personal Care.

1.4. EMMA & TOM's Retail Partners respond with interest in finding out more about the Brand.

1.5. EMMA & TOM share address details of the Retail Partner with the Brand.

1.6. The Brand ships free samples to our Retail Partner.

Step 2. Our B2B Retail Marketplace

Following a successful introduction to one of our Retail Partners, EMMA & TOM acts as a marketplace. The following terms apply.

2.1. Our Retail Partner will be given access to EMMA & TOM's retail section

2.2. Our Retail Partner directly submits re-stocking orders on our platform

2.3. EMMA & TOM notify the Brand of the wholesale order.

2.4. The Brand agrees to pay EMMA & TOM a commission on every wholesale order, equal to 10% of order value (excl. VAT).

2.5. Fulfilment of the wholesale order is carried out by the Brand